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Doyle’s Taxi

There was this cab driver I met in Dublin. I know the last name was Doyle. Think his full name is James Doyle. Learned more about him in the 20 minute taxi ride than I know about some of my … Continue reading

31. August 2011 by Greg
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Review: Civil War

Civil War by Mark Millar My rating: 4 of 5 stars Good story, even if a little contrived/borrowed from other classic comic tales. What really made this one for me, though, was the art. Probably some of the best superhero … Continue reading

28. August 2011 by Greg
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Intellectual Property Personal Introduction

Here’s a personal “introduction” I had to do for a course I’m taking on Intellectual Property. I rather enjoyed writing all this down because it connected with many of the ideas/thoughts I’ve struggled with over the years in many areas … Continue reading

25. August 2011 by Greg
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Context, motivation, consideration

The older I get, the less I know. So the refrain goes. For me it’s apt if for no other reason than the sheer explosive righteousness of my college years. I wrote for the university newspaper. Less “wrote” than “ranted.” … Continue reading

16. August 2011 by Greg
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