My house is small. Maybe 750 square feet. For a six and a half foot tall guy, that means I can reach almost everything I need from anywhere in a room.

So, running out of soap while in the shower is never a problem. I just reach over the top of the sliding shower door and grab a new bar from their storage space atop the medicine cabinet. I open the box, then lazily toss the box back over the shower door in the general direction in the trash can.

While showering Wednesday night, as the box from a new bar of soap audibly hit the floor, something occurred to me. In the eight and a half years that I’ve lived here, I’ve always done this. I’ve always opened a new bar of soap from within an in-progress shower, always thrown it in the direction of the garbage. And I don’t think I’ve ever actually gotten the box into the trash can.

This will not do.

We closed on a new house Thursday. Moving into it Sunday. That means I’ve only got one or two showers left at this little old house in which I’ve lived longer than anywhere else. And before I go, I have to get a soap box into the trash can from the shower.

Obviously that’s not enough time to go through this fresh bar of soap in time to open another one. And it would be absurd to go buy a whole bunch of soap just for the boxes. But this is important, so I devised a compromise.

I have between 8 and 12 bars of soap atop the medicine cabinet. That’s all I get. Those boxes. One shower. Once a box is thrown, I can’t get out and pick it up again. I only get as many attempts as there are bars of soap.

I have no idea why this feels so important, but it does. I must get at least one box in before I can leave. Wish me luck.

28. August 2015 by Greg
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