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My house is small. Maybe 750 square feet. For a six and a half foot tall guy, that means I can reach almost everything I need from anywhere in a room. So, running out of soap while in the shower … Continue reading

28. August 2015 by Greg
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Forty ounces to freedom

Nate had a date. First one in a while. He was a handsome enough guy. Witty, too. But like I said, it had been a while. He was so out of practice that even as he stood at Brianne’s door … Continue reading

30. October 2013 by Greg
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Bullet in yo’ head

When I was maybe 5 I was waiting beside the car in the cold while my mother frantically finished up the paperwork for our new day care before she had to rush off to work. She got to the boxes … Continue reading

23. September 2013 by Greg
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Ice Bath

It was only the third or fourth time I’d been barefoot running, and my poor feet were aching and blistery. I filled the tub with cold water, then fetched the ice cube tray to make it even colder. I stood … Continue reading

26. November 2012 by Greg
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Waking up at 5 AM on a Saturday ain’t no joke. But Ryan needed the work. His wife left him after he’d been unemployed for four years. “You really are a piece of shit, you know that?” he thought she’d … Continue reading

06. September 2012 by Greg
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The End Pieces

Laundry day again. Of all the culturally-declared duties that a mother has in the household, laundry was perhaps the only one Janet truly enjoyed. It was the only time her husband and two kids didn’t give her flack for going … Continue reading

30. August 2012 by Greg
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