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The Property Brethren

Behind the scenes on The Property Brothers: a fever dream. Television is a black hole. Especially reality television. You think that would be the easiest kind but YOU WOULD BE WRONG. It’s a conspiracy. There are layers and regressions leading … Continue reading

24. April 2015 by Greg
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I Want

I’ve never used the predictive text feature on my phone, until I realized you could type a word or two and then use it to write poetry. I typed “I want” then kept using predictive text for all the next … Continue reading

07. October 2014 by Greg
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The Carbs

Corporate life means meetings. Lots of meetings. About 75% of your time is spent talking about some product or service that you would create were this some alternate universe where you’ve got an actual work ethic. You discuss all this … Continue reading

19. June 2014 by Greg
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Bullet in yo’ head

When I was maybe 5 I was waiting beside the car in the cold while my mother frantically finished up the paperwork for our new day care before she had to rush off to work. She got to the boxes … Continue reading

23. September 2013 by Greg
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My friend Mike split his time alternating between living with each of his two parents and basically doing whatever the hell he wanted. He had a large room in the townhouse his mother shared with his stepfather. They made good … Continue reading

23. May 2013 by Greg
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Yes, We Did

I wrote this story in 2008 before Obama had won the election — before he’d even picked a running mate, in fact. (Hence the reference to VP Booker.) And obviously well before the killing of bin Laden. I was a … Continue reading

30. April 2013 by Greg
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